Sunday, March 20, 2011

Dirty DUI Cop

Saw an article on this morning that should make most people uneasy. Apparently a Deputy with the Contra Costa County Sheriff's Department in California has been accused of setting up citizens for DUI arrests so he could gain financially. He was discovered after admitting his dirty tactics to other police officers.

The alleged purpose of the DUI setups were to "dirty" up the arrested DUI targets so it could be used against them in non related divorce and other legal cases. According to the article, the deputy was in cahoots with a private investigator. The allegation is that the investigator would hire pretty women to meet up the the target and invite him out for drinks. Then it is alleged that after several drinks, the investigator would tip off the deputy with the location and vehicle type. The deputy would then sit outside the bar awaiting the target. It is alleged that the deputy received financial incentives from the investigator for these DUI arrests.

No one condones drinking and driving but as citizens in a free society, this type of for profit law enforcement can't be tolerated. It is bad enough that some police officers make more money on DUI overtime shifts which are paid for with quota based federal grants than they do from their regular pay check. When we allow the end to justify the means and the means is luring people into bars with pretty women and then "tipping off" a police officer who also has a financial stake in the outcome is just plain wrong.

John Hunsucker

Bruce Edge

Another cop busted for DUI

Once again, another police official has been arrested for drunk driving. This last friday, a public information officer in Albany, New York was arrested after being seen driving without headlights. Not many details yet but he did refuse to take the state's test. I am speculating that maybe he doesn't trust the machines that they use daily and tout as accurate.

It is unclear which machine was offered for the breath test, but Bruce and I have both been able to obtain false results from our intoxilyzer 8000's (registered trademark of CMI). This may be one of the reasons that CMI refuses to sell the Intoxilyzer 8000 to defense attorneys or our experts as they do not want the machine tested to show it's inaccuracies. (Bruce and I are the only attorneys in Oklahoma that own Intoxilyzer 8000s)

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Monday, March 14, 2011

Oklahoma DUI Arrest crackdown, DUI Under 21

Oklahoma police are cracking down on underage drinking and DUI Under 21's. Fueled with federal grant money, Midwest City Police, Oklahoma County Sheriff's Department, and the Canadian County Sheriff's Department are conducting stings to combat underage dringking and DUI under 21's.

Prom time is generally the time of year that police officials see the most Oklahoma DUI arrests of minors but they are using the grant money to prepare and gear up. In addition to underage stings at establishments that sell alochol, the police agencies are conducting DUI roadblocks. Midwest City, Oklahoma Police conducted a DUI roadblock this last weekend.

Also, local police are monitoring social web sites and talking to school officials and other teenagers to try and locate teen parties and also looking for those violating the social host laws.

Oklahoma DUI under 21 only requires a breath alcohol level of .02 or more so basically any alcohol can cause an illegal reading. Although the authors do not advise anyone under the age of 21 to drink, it is important to realize that only 1 drink can put you over the legal limit. Also, if you have had anything to drink, do not sit in your car and listen to the radio as this can subject to you an Oklahoma APC charge which stands for "actual physical control". An APC in Oklahoma is the same a drunk driving charge or DUI even though you were not drinking and driving.

If you or someone you care about has been arrested for DUI, DWI, APC, or DUI under 21 or you would like more information, contact John Hunsucker if the DUI or APC charge is in Oklahoma County, Cleveland County, or anywhere in Western Oklahoma. John can be reached at 405-231-5600 or visit . If the DUI or APC charge is in Tulsa County or Eastern Oklahoma, contact Bruce Edge at 1-918-582-6333 or visit

Friday, March 4, 2011

Man Drinks Beer During DUI Arrest

Police in northern Ohio say a man who was asked during a traffic stop
whether he'd been drinking took a swig from an open can of beer and told
the officer, "Yes."

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A unique approach to the question---"Have you been drinking"