Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Intoxilyzer 5000 Problems

The Intoxilyzer 5000 has had numerous issues over the years. However, the government always falls back on the position that the machine runs a self diagnostic check to ensure that it is working properly. This is fine if the self diagnostic test actually works. Dr. Stephen Rose and Charles Smith, International Forensic Research Institute located at Florida International University ran various diagnostic tests on the Intoxilyzeer 5000 with key parts disconnected. They found that the machine does not ahave the ability to recognize when key parts are disconnected and still showed the diagnostic test to be OK. Some of these key parts were vital to ensure that outside interferents would not affect the test.


INTOXILYZER 5000- Model 6600

1. External breath tube Diagnostic OK
2. RFI external antenna Diagnostic OK
3. RFI connector on the mother board Diagnostic OK
4. Cooling fan Diagnostic OK
5. Internal breath tube heater Diagnostic OK
6. Solenoid #1 Diagnostic OK
7. Solenoid # 2 Diagnostic OK
8. Sample chamber heater Diagnostic OK
9. Pressure switch Diagnostic OK
10. Internal pump Diagnostic OK
11. Key Board Diagnostic OK
12. LPT (DATA) port Diagnostic OK
13. Reset switch Diagnostic OK
14. Start button Diagnostic OK
15. Display Diagnostic OK
16. External breath tub heater Diagnostic OK
17. Dip switches Diagnostic OK
18. Partial Power supply Diagnostic OK
19. Printer pin control Diagnostic OK
20. I.R. Source Diagnostic OK
21. Filter wheel motor Diagnostic OK
22. Power supply No response
23. Printer head controller Processor error
24. Thermostat assembly Processor error
25. Unplugged from wall No response

The machine used was model 66 each part was disconnected singular, all other parts were still connected. The device gave the above listed messages after the self diagnostic program was run. All tests were conducted under the supervision of Dr. Stephen Rose and Charles Smith, International Forensic Research Institute located at Florida International University

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Oklahoma License Modifications

This is very positive news. My understanding is that the law will take effect November 1, 2009. No word on whether it will be retroactive BUT there is case law which states that the law in place at the time of the request for modification is controlling. So, we can request modified licenses on clients currently suspended and not eligible for modified licenses under the current law after November 1st and the new law should control making the suspended driver eligible.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Positive New Law

The Governor recently signed a new law which will allow modification of 1 and 3 years suspensions due to DUI. In the past the drivers were barred from driving and there was no legal relief. The new law will allow drivers to install an interlock device and drive any vehicle on which it is installed. Also it appears that a hard license will be available to these drivers rather than the previous paper license they had to carry.

This is positive for the driver who can still maintain a life, protect their jobs, get groceries, medical treatment and do the daily things that requires an automobile in Oklahoma.
It is positive to the general public because people will not be forced to drive without a license, drive with out insurance and they will be driving with an interlock device so they cannot be drinking and behind the wheel.
It is a win for both sides of the equation.