Friday, February 11, 2011

ZERO Tolerance?

As a Tulsa DUI attorney I wanted to share the following article showing the direction MADD has chosen. They no longer wish to just remove drunken drivers from the road--they plan to prohibit anyone from driving who has any amount of alcohol in their system. This means a person cannot have a sip of champagne to celebrate a special occasion with their meal. A husband and wife cannot share a glass of wine during a special outing-ZERO because they are actively pushing for all cars to be equipped with devices that will disable the vehicle if any amount of alcohol is detected. This is a cost that each person will pay--even those who do not drink in any form because the automobiles will cost more
They are no longer focusing on the problem of impaired drivers-- they are pushing for a national form of Prohibition –a mandate our nation failed at miserably in the past.

People should drink responsibly and not drive if they are impaired. If poor choices are made there is help form a Board certified DUI attorney in Tulsa, Oklahoma


Groups hope to step up efforts against drunken driving
The New York Times
WASHINGTON Deterrence, the tactic of choice against drunken drivers for two decades, is no longer working in the struggle to reduce the death toll, say private and government experts.
Today, they will propose moving toward alcohol detection in every vehicle.
In the first phase, Mothers Against Drunk Driving, backed by a national association of state highway officials and car manufacturers, plans to campaign to change drunken-driving laws in 49 states to require that even first offenders be required to install a device that tests drivers and shuts down the car if it detects alcohol.
Many states already require the devices for people who have been convicted several times. Last year, New Mexico became the first to use them after a first offense. With that tactic and others, New Mexico saw a 12 percent drop in alcohol-related fatalities last year, according to federal figures.
The next step would be a program to develop new devices that would unobtrusively test any driver for alcohol, and disable the car to thwart drunken driving.
About 13,000 people will die this year in car crashes in which a driver was legally drunk.

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