Wednesday, May 4, 2011

DUI Police Officer LIES in court--sent to jail

Police officer lies under oath and is sent to jail.
Officers are human and their testimony should be treated the same as any other witness, not given extra weight. This may be similar to other cases where the officer “enhanced” evidence in a DUI case so he could get more overtime from testifying. When there is a financial incentive involved, the testimony should be subjected to extreme scrutiny.

In this age of reduced privacy why shouldn’t every officer have a camera in his car? We have them at traffic intersections and the technology has been around for years. Yet many agencies do not equip their cars with a device which can protect the officer from unjustified claims and offer actual proof of events. It is expedient for the courts to expect a jury to simply “trust the police” they have no reason to lie---yet we have seen they are times that they do……..

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