Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Norman, Oklahoma DUI Checkpoint

Norman Police Department conducted a DUI checkpoint/ DUI roadblock this last weekend. The roadblock lasted four hours and started Friday night at 11 pm. The results of the roadblock were five arrests for DUIs out of 565 cars checked. That means a minimum of 560 people were seized and detain for doing nothing more than driving their car through the intersection of Wylie Road and West Lindsey Street.

Is this a good use of manpower for 5 DUI arrests. How many officers were involved? If all the officers were at the roadblock, who was covering the rest of the city? How many officers were brought in for overtime?

Wouldn't it make more sense to use these officers to patrol the streets looking for drivers who are actually driving in a manner that indicates they may be under the influence of alcohol or potentially driving drunk? This would be a better use of manpower and would provide for city wide enforcement to prevent DUI drivers. Most importantly, the rivers and passengers in the 560 other vehicles would not have had their evening interrupted by russian style police tactics.

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