Monday, July 8, 2013

Compelling video on police abusing DUI checkpoints

As a citizen and as an Oklahoma DUI lawyer, I have always been troubled by our Courts allowing police officers to set up random checkpoints.  Although there are some safe guards in place, the police officers know how to get around the safe guards to violate citizens' rights.

In the last checkpoint case we had, our client decided to avoid the checkpoint (his absolute constitutional right to do) by pulling into a parking lot and turning around.  The Oklahoma County Deputy stopped our client for avoiding the checkpoint.  That is what was written on the affidavit.  In court, the deputy then added that my client stopped for "less than five seconds" in the roadway before making the turn and that was his justification for the stop.

This last fourth of July, a young man was stopped at a roadblock in Tennessee and had the good sense to turn on his video recorder.  It is an interesting watch as you can see how the police quickly overstep their bounds just because the man desired to not give up his constitutional freedoms.

John Hunsucker
Oklahoma DUI Lawyer

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  1. In court docket, the deputy then added that my consumer stopped for "lower than 5 seconds" in the roadway earlier than making the flip and that was his justification for the stop.