Thursday, January 8, 2015

Great wins today for Hunsucker Legal Group

The Hunsucker Legal Group had a great day today. Nicholas Lee had a fantastic win with a complete dismissal of a DUI charge against our client. Client was arrested after driving out of the jurisdiction of the police officer. State argued "fresh pursuit doctrine" applied to misdemeanors. We argued it only applies to felonies and the Judge agreed with us. This is a case where we had already won... the client's license back at the DPS level. This means that the client did not have to pay any court fees or any license related fees.

Douglas Baxter was able to get a bond reduction today in a case where the bond was set at a half million dollars. Doug was successful in getting reduced to $75,000 which should allow client to make bond.

Our Driver's License Attorney,Brian Morton, only had one HLG hearing today at the Department of Public Safety. After Brian's cross examination, it was clear that they were lacking a necessary witness so the case was set aside which will result in our client receiving her license back.

The Hunsucker Legal Group takes pride in having the best DUI Defense lawyers in the state and we strive for these results on a daily basis for every one of our clients. Visit for more information.

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