Sunday, May 3, 2009


John had a very good post about the DUI "Specialist".
It makes me shudder when I hear an attorney refer to a case as a "Simple DUI". That says
he does not plan to develop the case, look for weaknesses or defenses--he is going to take the money and quickly do some paper work.
Currently in Oklahoma it takes approximately 4 months to handle a DUI case properly. This is not a 'simple' DUI; it is a case that is being properly developed and defended.

I would suggest you look for the following things in deciding if someone is truly a DUI attorney or an attorney who just wants to make a quick buck from a DUI--there is a big difference:

  • Will they meet you at the courthouse or interview over the phone rather than requiring a personal interview in their office?
  • How many books have they authored specific to DUI?
  • Are the trained as SFST (field sobriety) practitioners and Instructors?
  • Have the taught SFST classes?
  • Are they DRE (drugs) trained?
  • Are they certified by the State BOT to operate and maintain the Intoxilyzer?
  • Are they trained to operate the Intoxilyzer 8000?
  • How many Intoxilyer 5000's do they own?
  • How many Intoxliyer 8000's do they own?
  • How many national DUI specific seminars do they attend annually?
  • Have they taught other attorneys nationally regarding DUI defense?
  • Have they taught Oklahoma Judges about DUI Defense?
  • Have they taught police officers in CLEET academy's?
  • Were they the first Oklahoma lawyers recognized as Super Lawyers and have they continued to be recognized for multiple years?
  • Are they Fellows in the Litigation Counsel of America?
  • Have they attended specialized training regarding the HGN test as it relates to eye movement and muscle imbalance?
  • Have they attended multiple blood courses including Lab evaluations?
  • Have they been trained to actually operate the GC-MS lab machine and had experience doing so?

These are a few of the items that will help distinguish the professional DUI Attorney from the opportunistic pretenders.

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