Friday, May 1, 2009

DUI Specialists

Over the last year, Bruce and I have seen several new "DUI Attorneys" or "DUI Specialists" popping up on the internet. These are criminal attorneys who think that DUI cases are an easy way to make money. DUI cases are an easy way to make money if you just take the case and plea it at the first opportunity. These dump truck lawyers will mislead you as they are wanting to compete with the real DUI Lawyers that have taken the time and spent the money to educate themselves to protect their clients.

How can you protect yourself? Ask questions. Do you limit your practice to DUI defense? Are you certified to not only administer field sobriety tests but are you also an Instructor? Have you ever taught DUI defense to other lawyers? Have you written any books on the subject of DUI Defense? Do you own an Intoxilyzer 5000 and 8000? Have you attended any advance blood seminars? Have you ever visited a blood lab?

Anyone can put up a website and get a vanity DUI phone number. Anyone can join the National College for DUI Defense. If they are serious about DUI Defense, then they should have and currently be attending the College's Trial College held at Harvard each summer. Several of these new "DUI Attorneys" have never been to a regional or national DUI seminar.

This is one reason Bruce and I offer free consultations as we feel it is important that you have a comparision with real DUI lawyers that practice solely DUI defense. Even if you are considering another attorney, it is worth your time to schedule your free consultation so that you can rest assured that the attorney you hire is what he or she says they are. There is nothing to lose and you will receive your free copy of the Oklahoma DUI Survival Guide that Bruce and I co-authored. To schedule your free consultation, call John at 1-888-DUI-ARREST if in Oklahoma City/Western Oklahoma or Bruce at 1-877-DUI-EDGE if in Tulsa/Eastern Oklahoma.

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