Tuesday, March 24, 2015

New articles dealing with breath testing and overcriminalization.

Just posted several new blog articles dealing with a couple different issues.
 Recently, the Unites States Supreme Court (SCOTUS) recognized the term overciminalization in their opinion Yates v. United States.  Basically, SCOTUS looked at the issue of prosecutors over reaching and attempting to stretch legal definitions to increase the potential punishment.  Here is link to the blog article: http://oklahoma-criminal-defense-lawyer.com/u-s-supreme-court-ready-recognize-idea-overcriminalization/

The other article was posted on a national DUI blog that I also am a contributor.  It was posted there as it is applicable to breath tests all over the nation.  The article explains the issues with breathalyzers and Intoxilyzers.  The article is posted here: http://duinewsblog.org/2015/03/24/factors-affecting-oklahoma-intoxilyzer-breathalyzer-tests/

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