Wednesday, November 16, 2011

More DUI Arrests Coming

Oklahoma Department of Public Safety and the Oklahoma Highway patrol announced their new campaign yesterday for traffic and drunk driving enforcement. The "More Cops, More Stops" campaign will run through the holidays. The cops will be looking for people not wearing seatbelts as well as other minor violations of the law so they can have a reason to pull you over.

Similar to our past experiences, most of these seatbelt stops will be at 2 a.m. just down the street from the local bars. If the past history is any indicator, the seatbelt stop will simply be the reason for a pretextual stop for an Oklahoma DUI arrest. Are our resources better spent pulling over the person that is weaving all over the road and is actually driving impaired instead of a person that is not having any difficulty operating their car? Get the dangerous person off the road instead of someone that may or may not be barely over the limit and doesn't pose a danger to anyone.

We remind people to drink responsibly but we also protect responsible social drinking.

John Hunsucker

Oklahoma DUI Attorney

Bruce Edge

Tulsa DUI Attorney

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