Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Oklahoma Reckless Driving Ticket

Oklahoma enacted a new law that went into effect on November 1, 2011 titled Aaron's law. This new law mandates that anyone receiving a conviction for reckless driving in Oklahoma will automatically lose their Oklahoma Driver's License for a period of one year. What is really stupid about this law is that it does not provide for any modified driving privileges.

Oklahoma does not have decent public transportation which means people are going to drive to get to and from work or school. Most insurance policies do not cover unlicensed drivers so if they are in an accident, there will not be any insurance coverage. This is another example of our government making a knee jerk reaction and creating laws without thinking through the consequences. Under this new law, the license punishment for reckless driving is worse than the punishment for DUI or driving under the influence. How does that make sense? What it means for the citizen that makes a driving mistake and the cop writes it up as a reckless, he/she will need to hire an attorney to make sure the charge does not become a conviction and thus, no license suspension.

John Hunsucker
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Bruce Edge
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  1. This is not good news for drivers. Although it's meant to protect every road user from being harmed in any way, there are some exceptions. Namely drivers with a seriously careless driving style which can't be changed, not even with huge fines and penalties. We're not alone on the streets, so we need to be wary of everything that happens around us.

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  3. This law seems a bit too harsh. Although there are a lot of reckless drivers, not only in Oklahoma, but everywhere on the Globe, such a law can only cause frustration. Nowadays there are a lot of drivers who received careless driving tickets because of texting or talking on the cellphone, and such a law targeting them will only make the masses angry.