Wednesday, November 23, 2011

What Not To Do When Being Stopped For DUI, Part Three

A Warr Acres man with a history of DUI arrests attempted to elude officers. Joe Escobar, 31, died after losing control of his pickup. Officers attempted to stop him after he was allegedly driving slow and straddling lane lines leading the officer to believe he may be DUI (driving under the influence) according to police officers.

This is another case of what not to do when being stopped for DUI. What should have been a situation of being arrested for DUI and then bonding out turned into a life ending tragedy for Mr. Escobar and his family.

An Oklahoma DUI arrest is serious but if handled correctly, you can get through the system. Not every DUI arrest ends up in jail time. In fact. very, very few of our (John and Bruce) clients ever go back to jail after bonding out. Some of our clients never even lose their Oklahoma driver's license. Of the ones that do lose their driver's license, almost all of them get some type of modified license that still allows them to drive legally.

John Hunsucker
Oklahoma DUI Defense

Bruce Edge
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